About us

Grupa Farkas sp. z o.o.

It was September 2011 when a simple idea started to become a real place and people. A virtual office was our first service, which we still proudly provide today. We called it simply BIURO29 after the number of the building in Święty Marcin Street in Poznań where our first office was (and still is) located. Some customers have been with us since the very beginning, and we recall with nostalgia how we have grown stronger and more experienced together year after year. It is the customers who are very important to us; we listen to their needs and want to meet their expectations. This is our motto and the driving force behind all the activities we undertake. More than 14 000 customers have already trusted us.

This individual approach to the needs of the ever-evolving business world has resulted in the development and expansion of our services practically overnight. Therefore, in 2013 we launched another company – Kancelaria Gospodarcza Effekti sp. z o.o., under the aegis of which ready companies have been sold invariably for more than ten years. In addition to our key cities, our specialists have also visited Zielona Góra, Toruń, Słupsk, Tarnowskie Góry and even Suwałki as part of conducting sales. In total, we have already established, sold and liquidated nearly 2 000 companies under this partnership.

However, the development of our group has not stopped there. There is a reason why our portfolios bear the following slogan: “a complete set of services in one place.” In 2017, PG Partner Gospodarczy sp. z o.o. joined our group to provide accounting services. It currently employs nearly 20 qualified accountants and human resources professionals who serve customer in more than 100 industries. In the same year (2017), we launched a unique service for customers wishing to launch their business in the Czech Republic (the business is now run under Skupina Farkas Česko s.r.o., based in Ostrava).

At the moment, we are present in ten major Polish cities and in Czech Republic. Across all companies, there are currently more than 40 employees working in our 15 extraordinary offices. Women definitely dominate our offices, which does not mean that we do not care about our dear male colleagues; perhaps we even care about them more since they are fewer in number.

What are we guided by now and will be guided by in the future? A few simple rules: Teamwork, Independence, Accountability, Reliability and most important of them all – Customer Satisfaction.